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william_foster's Journal

Will Foster
7 August
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Myself. My favourite subject, I know many people would say...

(That's not true at all, by the way. There's a difference between being arrogant and knowing what you want).

So, I'm William Foster. Call me Will (I hate my name; I have a middle name, but I refuse to disclose it because it's even worse). I write for the New York Journal. No, really. The rest of what goes on backstage, so to speak? I'm not directly involved. Well, there's that little detail of my being related to the Slayer (her cousin, and also her guardian since her parents were killed), and then there's my practically-off-the-scale IQ, deductive skills that would shame Sherlock Holmes... oh, and my penchant for getting myself mixed up in these unsavory events anyway. Okay, maybe I am directly involved. I guess what I meant to say is that there's nothing special about me, not in 'that' way. No magic, no shapeshifting, no deadly accuracy with knife-throwing, no anything, really, no laser-vision, no Superman-style flying or Spiderman-style acrobatics. I can fight when I need to defend myself. Nothing fancy like Ellie, but I'm strong and relentless and I have absolutely no qualms about fighting to the death when I have to. As you can probably tell, I've not yet lost a fight...

Which is a damn good thing, obviously.

You want more details? All right. I'm gay. Bent as a question mark, and proud of it, and loving it. And I have a six-year-old daughter, Viola. It's a looong story, involving a party, a locked door, my best friend, and enough alcohol to i) lower inhibitions and ii) make us forget my sexuality as carelessly as we forgot that Smart Kids Use Condoms. Not that I regret it. Never have, never will. I adore her. I'd kill for her (I have). I'd die for her too, but I don't want to do that. Not just yet, not so soon. I've lost Tess already. Now I want forever with my baby angel.

Well, Mum always did say aim high...

So, the less 'exotic' side to me? My dad's British and we lived in England until I was thirteen, which is why there's that weird twist to my accent. Yorkshire/New York. Heh. I'm a Shakespeare fanatic. I like good whiskey and good clothes and good movies and good theatre. I love cats, but we don't have any because Viola's allergic to them. She has a hamster she named Ophelia (train them young! She loves Shakespeare stories. Now to start her on the actual plays), which is not quite the same thing. He's adorable, though (yes, he's a he). But my biggest love, after Viola? My piano. Bösendorfer. Jazz, rock 'n' roll, Rachmaninoff concertos... anything you can think of, she'll play like your sweetest dream.

There you have it. My life, my loves. Treat them well, and we'll get along fine.

~Will Foster
May, 2003

((Not real. I'm a fictional character in the ny_j RPG.))

This journal and any that made be connected with it, is in no way a true reflection of the celebrity/ies represented within it. This journal is used for a fantasy Role Playing Game that in no way is meant to infringe the rights of the player, the celebrity represented, or any associated trade marks.